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A business and lifestyle podcast for elite entrepreneurs that inspires clarity and connection with relationships, money, and control.

About the ZEAHLOT Podcast

After founding The Vida System, Inc., an online coaching program for mental health and wellness professionals, Zeahlot discovered deeper truths about how personal relationships and business are entwined - and how your success in either area is impacted by the other.

The podcast educates on how to improve your success as a business owner while also improving your relationship with self and others in order to find more meaningful happiness.

Zeahlot is an international speaker, author, and coach who retired as a psychotherapist after helping thousands of people heal over the years. She then went on to establish and build multiple 7-figure businesses: the most notable being my premiere online coaching program, The Vida System, where she guided hundreds of struggling therapists to scale their practices.

Zeah gets what it's like to work your way to the top, look around, and find that no one else is running at your level: mentally, financially, or even emotionally.

Her purpose and mission is to live more healed than wounded and provide others the same opportunity.


From cosmetologist to licensed therapist to CEO... meet ZEAHLOT



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"I love Zeahlot ❤️ This podcast is very inspirational for me. She is such a supportive coach, and she really helps people to accomplish their dreams. I recommend working with her for anyone who wants to understand themselves better. Zeahlot really cares about making sure we get to where we need to go in life"

- Annie Mo

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