With ELITE Group Coaching, you can expect access to weekly accountability and strategy sessions with a Vida Coach, access to a private Instagram pod for increased engagement on social media platforms, a private Facebook community, individualized success plans, the ability to be featured on our platform of 50K+ wellness professionals, and so much more!

The V.I.D.A. System is a lifetime access, online coaching program with busy mental health and wellness professionals in mind.

Enrolling in one of our two flagship courses - ELITE Group Coaching or the Accelerator Vidacourse - will grant you access to an exclusive community of likeminded professionals looking to grow their businesses or clinical practices.

It's a MYTH that mental health and wellness professionals need to struggle to make a living.
We want you to thrive, not just survive.

Success story

featured vida student

Jamilly Whittfield, LCSW

Vida Member Since: January 2021  |  New York, NY

What was your initial goal when you joined The V.I.D.A. System?
My goal was to start my private practice business and coaching business

What was your favorite lesson or part of the program?
My favorite part was identifying the yummy client. It was a difficult task which required me to get granular in my thinking. However after getting granular I felt a major sense of relief. It feels good to identify that sweet spot.

How have you grown in The V.I.D.A. System?
I have decided to remove the insurance plans I had listed in psychology today as a leap of faith to gain paying clients. I have also invested in a person to help me strategize my social media.

What advice would you give someone who is considering joining Vida?Grad school fails us in learning the business side of mental health treatment. Jump in with both feet and trust the process. Be patient and gentle.

"I support Millennial BIWOC with inner generation trauma as they find their inner beauty"

If you've had to work for compensation for your services by filing insurance paperwork, then you know what burnout feels like. Or, maybe you're charging an amount that doesn't fully reflect the value you offer! Learn how to set the rate you want and build a practice of cash-pay clients!

Module 3:
Cash Clients and Forms

Identify where your Yummy Client spends their time online. In this digital age, nurturing your virtual presence is paramount to reaching your audience. Specific insight given into each social media platform by its pros, cons and secrets.

Module 2:
Social Media

If you aren't specific about who you are trying to attract, you are losing money. Identifying your "Yummy Client" is the necessary foundation for a healthy, 6-figure practice. Learn how to narrow down your ideal client by their demographics, interests, pain points, and more!

Module 1:
Your Yummy Client

The V.I.D.A. System

As the old phrase says, "Time is money." If you aren't optimizing the way your business flows, you are limiting your earning potential. You'll be surprised to know how many opportunities you are missing out on!

Module 6:

Your marketing should be wholly connected to the soul of your business: you. Does your brand create a consistent presence and message that your audience can trust? Learn how to create a consistent brand and optimize appropriate marketing strategies.

Module 5:
Marketing & Advertising

Don't put all of your eggs in one basket. How can you get innovative with your expertise in order to actively and passively secure your financial freedom? Learn the difference between coaching and clinical services, and choose an additional stream of income that excites you!

Module 4:
Coaching & Non-Clinical Services

Course Content

Ecourses are a way to provide non-clinical education that addresses one of your Yummy Client's pain points. Depending on your chosen model, they can be an active or passive stream of income for your practice. 

Module 9: Ecourses

"Your network is your net worth!" Sharpen your networking skills in order to build relationships with a wide array of professionals and Yummy Clients. Terrified of networking? Perfect! We'll teach you how to capitalize on your special shine!

Module 8:
Networking, Negotiations and Collaborations

As you expand, you need a team to help you guard your empire. Just as you are an expert within your niche, you should find trustworthy individuals who are experts in different aspects of wealth management. 

Module 7:
Establishing Your empire and Managing your wealth

Speaking and media appearances allow you to call out your Yummy Client directly, while also tapping into an additional stream of income! Learn how to start where you are now, and book paid speaking engagements with companies in alignment with your brand.

Module 12:
Speaking and Media Appearances

As you serve more clients, your team and systems will need to adapt. Instead of making defensive moves (adapting only as your limits are reached and you're about to burst), expand your brand offensively and proactively by looking towards the future! This guarantees long-term stability and innovation.

Module 11:
Leadership and Branding Expansion

Products and merchandise can add double benefit to your brand: you can serve your Yummy Client in a memorable way while also increasing your income passively! Learn how to sell products in a way that is meaningful and sustainable for your brand.

Module 10:
Products and merchandise

Make Boss Moves

it's time to

Success story

featured vida student

Jacent Wamala, LMFT

Vida Member Since: February 2021  |  Las Vegas, NV

I am a therapist and Money Mindset Coach that helps WOC go from confused to confident with money and build a profitable service-based biz

What was your initial goal when you joined The V.I.D.A. System?
My initial goal was to get my systems in place to scale my business to multiple six figures. I was doing everything manually and it was beyond a headache to say the least. My assistant and I are doing the work of at least 10 people and in order for my business to be sustainable we need SOP’s and additional support.

What was your favorite lesson or part of the program?
I love the group coaching, accountability, and implementation calls. It’s been a great way to stay consistent week to week and actually put the information into practice. The support and insight is invaluable and has expanded my business exponentially. How could I forget Calendly and Monday! My assistant loves the systems we are using and they have made it so that we more than doubled revenue from February to March.

How have you grown in The V.I.D.A. System?
I have grown personally as a Coach throughout the process in being able to identify what I need to work on in this season. I have also grown as a leader. I actually never wanted to be in a leadership role. It has been a transition that I am so much more comfortable with because of the guidance of the Vida system.

I offered another intern a position and have 5 more interviews for potential support moving forward and I am excited rather than worried. Business is booming and I am not as stressed as I know I would be without the Vida system. I had my highest revenue month to date in March which is really exciting!
To top it all off, I have connected with amazing women in the process. There is nothing like having other Mental Health Professionals who understand where you are coming from and where you want to go.

What advice would you give someone who is considering joining Vida?
DON’T HESITATE! Why keep struggling when there is a clear solution?

Zeahlot Lopez

"People don't buy a product, merchandise, or service -
They Buy YOU!"

Our coaching program is designed for the on-the-go professional. Watch video lessons and complete the assigned homework, or download one of 500+ practice and coaching templates curated by our legal team that will save you hours of time and hundreds of dollars.



make boss moves

it's your time...

Our Vida Coaches are here to help you succeed! If you feel stuck, an extra push of accountability with our ELITE Group coaching will give you unlimited live coaching calls to help you reach your goals.



We believe in the power of joining together with other powerhouse professionals like yourself.

Our Vida Familia includes therapists, coaches, acupuncturists, holistic healers, and so much more! Connect with fellow students to expand your network.



Great and vital question! No one knows you better than you! It’s important to decide on what your needs are as it pertains to your professional growth and determine how The V.I.D.A. System will aid you in that.

Consider the following:

How much time and energy will you spend trying to figure this out on your own?
If you would waste more time going solo, our coaching program can cut down on your investment of time and increase your profit margin!

Do you honor your word and actually completely finish what you say you will by being accountable? If following through or completing a project is where you get stuck, ELITE Group Coaching's accountability will make it more likely for you to reach your goals! That kind of support is priceless!

Is ELITE Group Coaching a good fit for me?


The question is how much time are you willing to invest on yourself and your goals? If you decide to dedicate a certain amount of hours weekly, do the assignments, create your success plan, attend the meetings, attend your strategy and accountability calls you are already ahead of the game!

When will I start seeing results?


You have lifetime access to The V.I.D.A. System!

This means that you can move through the program at your own pace. Spend extra time on a lesson or module - or, if you'd prefer to move through it weekly, you can always double back to a lesson that you need additional support with!

That's the beauty of The V.I.D.A. System. There is such a depth of content - and we are always adding new material! You'll have an abundance of learning to do.

How long is the program?


Your course teaches you all you'll need to know, as a wellness professional, to build the business of your dreams.

Several of our students and alumni have chosen to not build clinical practices, and instead focus on developing non-clinical services, such as coaching programs, online courses, products/merchandise, or even begin careers as professional speakers or trainers.

Within the course, there are entire modules dedicated to helping you develop non-clinical offerings. The sky is the limit! The only question now is... what would you like to build?

I don't want to work on a private practice.
What else does the course offer?


Each student may move through the course at their own pace, although many choose to follow a weekly format. In ELITE Group Coaching, live strategy and accountability calls are available to give you more detailed support on the specific lesson you're working on.

Students are also encouraged to find an accountability partner within our Vida community. It's like having a classmate that is studying the same material as you!

How will the group support me? Do the students do the course simultaneously, or at their own pace?



Success story

featured vida student

Michelle Valdner, LMHC

Vida Member Since: February 2021  |  Long Island, NY

I help millennials who suffer from anxiety learn how to manage worry, improve their overall wellbeing & connect with their true authentic self

What was your initial goal when you joined The V.I.D.A. System?
My initial goal was to create multiple streams of income (ebook, ecourse, products)

What was your favorite lesson or part of the program?
 Do I have to pick 1 favorite lesson? 😅 Each of the lessons have been valuable, What I’ve been using most are the downloads provided in each of the lessons

How have you grown in The V.I.D.A. System?
I feel more comfortable and confident in creating a business that works for me. I’ve been in private practice for 6 years and each year I’ve learned something new about myself and about being in business. Before joining VIDA I knew I wanted a change, I had been feeling burnout, overwhelmed, and had goals but a lack of clarity on how to achieve them. It was a scary decision at first to invest so much into myself and the business but I’m so glad I did. I feel like I “leveled up”.

What advice would you give someone who is considering joining Vida?
 Do it. It feels good to be part of a system and family of clinicians and business owners who are goal oriented. Aside from the valuable resources you’ll receive, the connections you make and the support you receive are invaluable.

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