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The Vida System


Since 2020, we have helped wellness entrepreneurs build businesses that are recession and burnout-proof by teaching the most important components of running a company with global impact. 

Our main focus is providing strategy, community, and support to our clients in order to solidify sales, systems, and team building to help automate, delegate, and optimize the results for entrepreneurial ventures.

Mental Health and Wellness Professionals shouldn't have to struggle.

Abundance is your birthright.

How we help

Ready for abundance? Apply now to grow your healing business.

  • Established business lacking systems and delegation
  • Lack skills and knowledge to hire the right individuals to build sales team 
  • Sales team not hitting KPIs constantly
  • Ineffective training for sales team
  • Some enrolled clients 
  • Working 40+ hrs/wk
  • Ineffective paid help for sales that are not hitting KPIs
  • Lack of delegation
  • Lack of training for sales team
  • Ineffective sales pipeline in place
  • Lack of understanding of your ideal client
  • Little to no clients
  • Little to no social media presence
  • No sales team in place
  • Lack of systems in place
  • Lack of a sales pipeline in place

Establishing My Business

Getting What We Need

Going To The Next Level 

Kaelly J. Arellano, MSW, LCSW
Brandon A. Shindo, MSW, LCSW

"This program has allowed us to really take our practice to the next level and focus on us providing direct service to clients and also giving back to the mental health field, in terms of helping mental health professionals develop themselves. We all entered as strangers and left as colleagues and family."

Vida Graduates Kaelly and Brandon, of K&B Therapy

Dr. Carrie Jackson

"Z I had to message you to let you know that my sales from my low ticket nonclinical webinar already paid for the VIDA system accelerator course in one day!! The VIDA system really is an investment that pays for itself quickly!! Thank you so much for all of the support"

Meet Dr. Carrie Jackson

Chelsea Vinas

“My win is that yesterday I was able to take a sick day in my private practice without worrying about money or productivity! And I am feeling better physically today"

Meet Chelsea Vinas, LMFT

Niki Payne

“Got a new client this week who just purchased a session package! I also just realized I hit a new personal record in quarterly goals, earning more than 5x what I brought in this time last year since starting the Vida System"

Meet Niki Payne, Hypnotherapist, MFT Trainee

Teresa Morales

"Excited to share I just obtained my first Coaching client today. She paid in full for 8 weeks for the program I offer! The Coaching welcome package The Vida System offers was so easy to adjust and email over to her to sign! I can't wait to continue"

Teresa Morales, M.S., LMFT

Jacent Wamala

"I recorded with the today show Monday morning. Segment should air January 17th. Interviewed 10 of 50 professional women for my book and program research. I'm working on my first book and super excited to grow my impact on 2022. Glad to share space with y'all. The journey doesn't have to be lonely when you find your Familia"

Jacent Wamala, LMFT

Tony Parmenter

"Hey all, Just here with an update to bring all of you motivation. Connecting to this course changed my mentality so much. I'm now on track for over $200k in 2022... working 3 days per week... AND staying on insurance because of living in an area where that is necessary. Thank you!!" 

Tony Parmenter,
Licensed Psychotherapist



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How many hours a week do most therapists work?

Too Many!

Most Mental Health and Wellness Professionals work more hours because we aren't taught how to work smarter. Therapists can work less hours and make the income they deserve by understanding the value they provide to their ideal clients.

As healers, we are taught that we don’t get into this field to make money, but to help people live a better life.

Our goal is to help therapists learn how to save time and make more money by gaining clarity into what they want in exchange for their natural and developed gifts as helpers.

How do mental health therapists make passive income?

Passive income can come in many forms for Mental Health professionals such as courses, pre-recorded coaching services, or setting up a private practice that runs itself over time.

As wellness entrepreneurs, we get to choose and have financial and time freedom our way!

Choosing a path to passive income must include a method that is sustainable and enjoyable to the individual establishing it for it to be successful over time.

Growing our streams of income that create healing and income is ultimately a great way to impact the world and thrive at the same time.

How do I get more clients in private practice? 

Desire to help

Whether you’re starting, growing, or scaling your practice as a Mental Health Professional, Coach, or Wellness Entrepreneur your private practice will only do as well as the amount of clients you are able to help!

Identifying your ideal client

Bringing in more clients is a matter of understanding who your dream client is and understanding what they need versus want.


Marketing yourself is key! Understanding where clients find you is important to effectively invest your time, money, and effort into the right source of exposure for clients to seek and have access to service from the business. 

How can I reduce my workload and work smarter?

Self Awareness - One of the greatest strengths a coach, therapist, or entrepreneur can have is identifying what their strengths are and who they need to ask help for their areas of growth.

Action - Double down on what is working and delegate and or automate what you're not great at.

Self-awareness and taking action on hiring the right people are key to growth in a business.

Additionally, implementing systems, technology, software, or artificial intelligence that help automate repetitive tasks can save time and valuable resources.

How to earn 6 figures as a therapist? 

Providing services and products as a therapist, mental health professional, or wellness entrepreneur is a tall order! Especially as healers that are frequently told by our industry that we didn’t get into this field to make money! It’s an ongoing conversation with industry leaders who are now spearheading the movement for healers and helpers to create abundance for all those involved in changing the way the world operates.

Truth of the matter is, as wellness entrepreneurs, having multiple streams of income is key to hitting 6 figures and then some! Mistakes many therapists are making is hoping that they make the income they desire by seeing clients in volume rather than in quality.

Creating products that create income without the need to see clients 1 on 1, provides the opportunity to grow, automate, and delegate a private practice that scales.